Model United Nations Takes Off

Last evening the Sofia International Model United Nations 2009 was officially opened at the Natzionalen Dvorec na Kulturata in Sofia, Bulgaria. Inside the 'Palace of Culture' it felt as if one was surrounded by mystic powers. The approximately 150 young ambitious SOFIMUN participants brought some light into the dark corridors of the palace. Dressed up, high heeled, the participants almost overshadowed the men and women who regularly pass these same halls. Arriving at the conference room one could feel the excitement.

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Number 2 - July 18

  Sofia 12:30, July 17 

Henry Allingham, Britain’s oldest man died at the age of 113 this morning.  The secret to his longevity,  “cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women”. 

That has nothing to do with the rest of my editorial, but I wanted to mention at the start, as a tribute to man who surely knew how to live, and make the most of his life.  

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Genocide or Discomfort? Members of the Secretariat in High-Level Meeting Discuss Urgent Topic

 Sofia, Friday June 17 20:00

Members of the secretariat gathered last night in Sofia’s Ministry for Justice to resolve the urgent matter if kicking in the testicles should be considered as genocide.  According to Secretary General of SOFIMUN 2009, Jun-Hwan Park, millions of innocent lives are lost every time this incident takes place.  As such the Secretary General took the initiative to call the council together for this meeting.    

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Number 1 - July 6

So its just turned midnight, tomorrow we launch the first edition of SNN, guess I better get started with some form of editorial

Taking on the position of Editor-in-Chief of SNN is naturally a challenging one, but it is also one where it is necessary to answer many questions.  The positive impact of the media in our world today is highly debatable.  Rupert Murdoch is estimated to own as much as 70% of the world’s media, and for those of you not familiar with Murdoch, he is not the sort of man you want telling you how you should think.

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At a time when the world’s medias are fighting to assert their prowess, and equally with governments such as that of Iran and Sri Lanka making sure, and actively persecuting any media which dares to report anything too controversial (and by too controversial, I mean the truth),  there has never been a better time to mark the start of SNN. 

Here at SNN we are going to be working around the clock, even at times dancing to “rock around the clock”, to bring you not just the truth, but a quality news service, reporting and simultaneously providing great memories of SOFIMUN 2009. 

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