DISEC Chair Enters With a Kiss on his Cheek

DISEC Chairman was called out of the room by an anonymous female Chair.  His return to the Committee was recorded by SNN. 

DISEC Chair Enters With a Kiss on his Cheek


Heartwarming Moments at DISEC

Heartwarming Moments at DISEC An unknown delegate tried to get water through a unaddressed note. He got more that he ever had hoped for. The note, stating "Water! I'm dying of thirst... for your love." was written in Bulgarian. When the Chairs got hold of it, they decided to make the fallible delegate reveal his love to the recipient in a passionate manner. In English. The delegate stood his man and walked up to the respective person, kneeling down in front her, saying: "Will you marry me and be the mother of my children." It wasn't possible to tell from the slight blush on her face whether the sanction was indeed a punishment or a great reward for his inappropriate behavior.

Journalist Finds New Way to do Research

A certain journalist of SNN was spotted doing some intense research recently in one of the Committee rooms.  The journalist of Agence France, who recently had spent many hours trying to crack a laptop password, decided that his best approach to research would be to sit in the Committee room with his eyes closed and mouth open. 













NGO Observer Casts Spell on HRC

The delegate of Human Rights Watch, Maria Haferkorn, has, in an old tradition generated by the Russian delegate in the PBC, Mihnea Stoica, been looking for a new nickname for her delegation. Referred to as „Am-Nasty International“ at ZagiMUN 2008, the delegate has for several days been debating with fellow delegations on a suitable name, with suggestions ranging from „Human Rights Touch“ to „treehugger“ and „freehugger“.

Finally, the issue was resolved last night at the Committee Dinner and the delegation is henceforth informally referred to as „Human Rights Witch“


Committee Dinner Breasts Used to Bribe Representatives

Committee diner news report. Yesterday evening, during a certain committee dinner, the honorable delegates of a purely awesome committee gathered for a very sexy dinner. More specific, the representative of the Only Island in the World experienced a delicious 2-breasts dinner with mushroom nipples. However, she did not manage to enjoy every part of it, so she decided to use half of the breast to bribe the honorable representative of a developing country - Zamibia.

Another member of the United Nations was born last night - that is Molto Pigro Land. The OWNER of the territory between those magical borders claims to posses a very unique superpower, and we quote "I predict rabbits". We assume that the superpowers came when this special person upgraded from an observer status to a full member of the United Nations within 2 days. For further information, his country is currently overdeveloped and he spreads the parfume of roses.

Yours sincerely,

P.A and H.G.


SOFIMUN on Brink Of Food War

Two nights ago, at the Carnival of Nations, the international SOFIMUN community faced its first crisis. The Dutch representatives allegedly removed the HARIBO (abbreviation for Hans Riedel Bonn) gummibears from the neighboring German table. The German delegates immediately pointed out that Bonn – the former capital of Germany –is not part of the Netherlands and voices were heard calling for a food war. According to a Dutch representative, the platter with the gummibears were put on their table by a German delegate in the first place. The mysterious case remains to be unsolved and the Dutch and German delegations have resumed their friendship, drinking beer and riding bicycles together.

Scottish Delegate Brings World's Smelliest Food

 Members of the Scottish delegation have been found guilty of bringing the smelliest food to last night's Carnival of Nations.  Mr. Hugh Sprot, responsible for preparing the Scottish table, provided the delectable treat of the Scottish national cuisine, Haggis.  This Haggis, which is made of the finest sheep's stomach, had not arrived in Sofia directly from Scotland.  It had, in fact, travelled a considerable amount of Croatia and Serbia and undergone a number of overnight train journeys. 

The end result of all these travels meant that the Haggis, when prepared, was to cause severe nasal offence to many delegates present at the event.  Delegates such as Martina Raguz, of Bosnia and Herzegovina, pleaded with Mr. Sprot to remove the terrible smelling object, but he refused to do so, insisting on Martina to drink some more whisky in order to cover-up the smell. 

Despite the negative reaction to the diabolical smell, the Scottish National Cuisine received some very positive feedback, with Matija Blace saying, "its not bad".








Dancing King Rips The....Trousers

Matija Blace, Chairman of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, suffered the first incident of SOFIMUN last night, when, as his dancing moves proved too hot to handle, his trousers split apart.  A true testament to this man’s great commitment  to Balkan dancing.   Whilst taking a short break on the restaurant balcony to recover from the incident,  Matija Blace took the time to speak to SNN, saying that despite the damage done to his  clothing, the experience was very much worthwhile.  Here at SNN we all wish a speedy recover to Mr. Blace’s trousers.   


Fundraising Manager Found with Embarassing Stain

Fundraising Manager Found with Embarassing Stain Fundraising Manager Found with Embarassing Stain As the Secretariat spent yesterday afternoon preparing for the conference, fundraising manager Andrey Stoichev was found with an embarrassing mark on his shirt, presumed to be the work of a passing bird.  What has been identified by scientists as bird poo was found on Andrey’s shirt by Chairperson of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, Miss. Plamena Markova, and Chairperson of the United Nations Development Programme, Miss. Kristina Kovacheva.

Both of the two Chairpersons found it more amusing to leave the stain on Andrey’s shirt without making him aware that a bird had decided to use his clothing for essential services.  According to both girls, “I didn’t want to tell him”, so instead they continued laughing at the incident, and provided SNN with photographic evidence.  SNN is grateful to the work of these two Chairpersons for providing us with this information. 




The Truth Behind Our Chairs

Who can imagine how our chairs looked like more than 10 years ago? Here are the images!

Adelina Andreeva - Security Council Adelina Andreeva - Security Council Amy Just - Security Council Amy Just - Security Council Kristina Kovacheva - UNDP Kristina Kovacheva - UNDP Lena Borth - HRC Lena Borth - HRC Lena Borth - HRC Lena Borth - HRC Matija Blace - PBC Matija Blace - PBC Melina Boneva - DISEC Melina Boneva - DISEC