Simon Walters – EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

My name is Simon, and it is my great pleasure to be the Editor-in-Chief of SOFIMUN News Network 2009. I have just graduated from the University of Edinburgh, and as such, despite being born in London, I will certainly be representing Scotland at the Carnival of Nations. I am really looking forward to, along with the excellent SNN team, bringing you an outstanding news service which will be at the very pulse of the conference, bringing you the latest and greatest news of Sofia International Model United Nations Conference 2009.





My name is Petya Genova and I am very pleased to be the Vice Editor of SNN 2009. I was born in 1985, in the beautiful city of Varna, but due to my university studies I spent four years in Sofia. I fell in love with the city, because of its unique dynamics. Last academic year I was a student in Warsaw, at the College of Europe with some 80 people from all around Europe. This experience, as well as the nice memories from SOFIMUN 2008 when I was member of the Secretariat makes me feel eager to meet, to work and to have fun with new and remarkable young people during SOFIMUN 2009.




Neda Eneva – Journalist – Deutsche Welle

Hey : ) My name is Neda Eneva and I will be a Deutsche Welle SNN journalist at the SOFIMUN. I am Bulgarian, currently studying at University College Utrecht in the Netherlands. I am a Politics and Law major, with a minor in Journalism. I have done ten years of theatre school and have directed and written three plays of my own. I am also the chair of a Film Committee in my college. You could say I am a person with a sharp eye for details and a strong desire to learn and understand the truth about people and their lives, and all that is left unseen and unsaid.





Claire Bodi Du – Journalist - BBC

Young, energetic and enterprising, I’d like to call myself a commuter between dream and reality. As a sophomore student from Law School of Shanghai International Studies University (Shanghai, Cina), journalism is a brand new field for me. It’s both opportunity and challenge. Anyway, I do trust you and me, all of us will do a great job in this fabulous MUN conference. Never satisfied with the status quo, I’m always willing to see a bigger world. That’s why I’ve tried adventurous experiences in all kinds of students’ activity including these MUN conferences. Meanwhile, I’m a combination of the East and the West, playing the piano and tennis very well along with much interest in traditional Chinese and Japanese culture. I do hope that I can bring much fresh wind and completely new Eastern style to encounter with historical and energetic Sofia. Always your friend, Claire Bodi Du.



Daniel Olof Alsén – Journalist – Agence France Presse

Hi! My name is Daniel Alsén and I’m 23 years old . I’m borned and raised in Sweden, in the north of Europe, with my father from Sweden and my mother from Bolivia, in the heart of Southamerica. I study human rights in Malmoes University and have already a bachelor degree but with plans to continue with a masters degree. In my early days a decided to focus on culture and human rights wich i did, and with a lot of passion. Therfore it is a great honor to be a part of this project, and to conect with people from all over the world with the same interest as me.




Marin Aeschbach – Journalist – Deutsche Welle

My name is Marin Aeschbach, I was born in 1988 in Basel, Switzerland.  I am currently studying philosophy, German literature and film sciences in Zürich, Switzerland, where I also live. I take interest in lots of things, including football and classic rock music.
I have always enjoyed meeting new people everywhere I go and I will be sure to continue this doing so in Sofia. Because I never participated in a MUN, I’m especially thrilled that everything from “Hey, why are you not applying?” to “Great! I’m going to Sofia!” went so smoothly. Now I really can’t wait to work with everybody at SOFIMUN 2009 and learn a lot of new things.



Naomi Persoon – Journalist – EURONEWS

My name is Naomi Persoon and I'm from the beautiful city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, where I was born in 1988. I study journalism and work at Radio Netherlands Broadcasting, which is a radio station for Dutch expats and people living in the Netherlands. Next year I hope te graduate and after that to apply for a job as editor/journalist in the Dutch army.
I'm very much looking forward to working in Sofia with such devoted journalists, I contacted some of them already, and ofcourse to having an amazing time. I'll be seeing you!


Jordan Zemui - Journalist - EURONEWS

My name is Jordan Zemui and I am 27 years old from Sweden. I am originally from Eritrea but moved to Sweden with my family when I was 4. I live in the beautiful and fun city of Malmö in the south of Sweden where I am also studying my Masters’ in Human rights. I will be working as a Euro news Journalist for the Sofimun Conference and I can’t wait to meet everyone and take part in this wonderful experience.





Louise Blakemore – Journalist – Associated Press

Louise is a postgraduate biochemistry student at the University of Leicester. As President of their United Nations Society she is actively involved in MUN conferences both nationally and internationally. Along with members of the Law Society Louise co-founded the Leicester University Debating Alliance last year to promote debate on topical global issues between student societies. This is her first visit to Bulgaria and she’s delighted to be involved in such a prestigious conference in this country. Louise is looking forward to the opportunity to hone her media and communication skills by working as part of the SNN team.



Cathelyne Kok – Journalist – Agence France

My name is Cathelyne Kok, I am 21 years old, I live in Rotterdam - Holland and I just got my Bachelor in Communications. My choices:

Bus / Airplane Flo Rida/ Lil Wayne
Smacks / Coco pops
Windows / Mac
McDonalds / Burger King Birkenstocks / Havaianas
Club / Bar Summer / Winter Peanut butter / Jelly Motorcycle / Car Rent a movie / Cinema
Take out the trash / Doing the dishes
Pink / Red Mountains / Beach   Hiphop / House Boyfriend / Single
Ben & Jerry's / Haagendasz

I hope y'all know a little bit more of me by now ;)


Petko Popadiyski - IT Manager

Born in the second largest Bulgarian city of Plovdiv in 1983, Petko graduated in applied mathematics. Since his early age he has been interested in new technology. Several years of working experience in IT companies has given him the confidence and the opportunity to travel and get better acquainted with European countries. After that he took the decision that he needed a change and he found a way to live in the marvelous country of Colombia for 9 months.

His first Model United Nations experience was at Zagimun, where participating in the Human Rights Committee he became passionate about world issues and poverty.  As part of this he participated in, "Un techo para mi pais", one of the biggest NGOs in South America, building houses in some extremely poor neighborhoods in Medellin, Columbia. He has also been an active member of the ecological NGO "Green Balkans", as well as participating in the international organization AIESEC.  His broad range of interests includes adventure travel and extreme sports, and studying  psychology and group dynamics, or anything which is crazy enough.


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